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NBA Draft: Daring To Dream Of Michael Kidd-Gilchrist

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It's hard to get it all clear in my mind right now. Did we all have an irrational fear that David Kahn would be rational in 2010 and eventually take DeMarcus Cousins, or at least wisely swap the No. 4 pick to a team who would be rational and take DeMarcus Cousins? Or did destiny give us strength in conviction, a week or more out, that Cousins would be sitting at No. 5? I remain so amazed that Kahn passed on Cousins and signed Darko Milicic to a new contract days later that it's really hard to get it all straight.

Right now, I have no fear in losing my favorite prospect at No. 5, Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, because I have no expectation that he'll be on the board ... despite all indications being that there's a significant chance he'll be on the board. As James Ham reported, Harrison Barnes has canceled his Friday workout in Sacramento. He and Bradley Beal visited Cleveland (who picks No. 4) on Saturday. The decision to pull out of the Kings workout was made in the ensuing days. You do the math. Beal also won't work out in Sacramento, indicating that his agent believes his floor to be No. 4. (That Beal met with Cleveland on Saturday indicates that he does not have a promise from Washington at No. 3. But the reviews of Beal's workout in D.C. were exceptional.)

Thomas Robinson meets with the Bobcats on Friday. In the end, I think they take him. A team that depleted needs immediate help with upside. Robinson fits that, and could be a good long-term fit with Bismack Biyombo. But my dream of MKG in SAC could end right there at No. 2. Or the Wizards could decide to go with defense and "glue" over shooting/slashing prowess. Or the Cavaliers could add a slasher/defender instead of a shooter. In 2010, there were not multiple points at which the Kings would lose Cousins. Derrick Favors was going to go over Cousins due to risk. Evan Turner was a top-4 lock. John Wall was the obvious No. 1. Only the No. 4 spot posed a risk to the Kings' DMC fate. In 2012, four teams reasonably stand in fate's way.

That's why I'm refusing to allow myself to dream of Michael Kidd-Gilchrist in a Sacramento jersey. But that doesn't mean I can't slot him at No. 5 in my latest mock draft!