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Kings Take A Look At Moe Harkless

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Moe Harkless is the latest mid first-round NBA draft prospect to visit the Sacramento Kings, who have the No. 5 pick in Thursday's derby. Harkless is a 6'9 small forward (woo!) who shot 21 percent on threes at St. John's (whoa). I imagine that Geoff Petrie will be examining his mechanics at the ol' practice facility. Harkless was the biggest player on the team last year, and had to play a lot of center as a result. He is fast and can jump out of the gym, though. Here's DX's scouting report video:

The other intriguing prospect the Kings bring in on Monday is Arnett Moultrie, a Mississippi State big man who is expected to go late in the first but could conceivably drop to No. 36. Rounding out the workout will be Truck Bryant (WVU), Zach Rosen (Penn), Gus Gilchrist (South Florida) and James Nunnally (UC Santa Barbara, which apparently has a basketball program?).

Harkless could be in play if the Kings do the rumored pick swap with Houston. Would you rather land, say, John Henson and Moe Harkless than The Leftover at No. 5?