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NBA Mock Draft: Harrison Barnes Is The Leftover

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SB Nation's NBA bloggers got together to mock out the 2012 NBA Draft. I disallowed trades in the interest of retaining some measure of sanity, but otherwise, it probably looks exactly like Thursday's real deal Holyfield will. Take a look.

The way that this one rolled out, Sacramento ended up with Harrison Barnes. Sounds good to me! I was a bit surprised that the Blazers took Andre Drummond, thinking the Portland faithful may have become risk-averse over the years. That is not the case: them Oregonians are brave, brave souls. I was definitely surprised that Golden State opted for Damian Lillard; he's actually the popular choice among the community at Golden State of Mind, too. I hope it goes beyond his Oakland roots and is due to the belief that Stephen Curry is better suited to be a two-guard, in which case they might as well just waive Klay Thompson already.

Any other major surprises?