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Favorite Olympic* Moment: Kevin Johnson Is Stoked

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This is a sponsored post.

The Dream Team II didn't actually play in the Olympics -- they repped USA Basketball at the 1994 World Championships, two years after The Dream Team beat Angola and others to win righteous gold. But I happened to be watching Dream Team II highlights in the course of my research for this assignment, and lo! Kevin Johnson, then a Phoenix Sun, was on Dream Team II. I'd remembered that Mitch Richmond, then a Sacramento King, appeared on Dream Team III in the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta, but our fair town had a brush with international infamy before then.

The highlight of KJ's non-Olympic but still patriotic sojourn was definitely this celebration after a Derrick Coleman dunk.


I, for one, cannot wait for the Maloof faces to be photoshopped in.

KJ and Dream Team II would go on to smash everyone, just like The Dream Team but with infinite less hype. I blame the communists. USA Basketball has had many glorious moments since, and I encourage you to check out what the other SB Nation NBA blogs are highlighting. But for us? Right now, we need Kevin Johnson going nuts in a ridiculously patriotic shirt.


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