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A Maloof Lobbied Moe Harkless' Camp To Visit Kings Before NBA Draft

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The Sacramento Kings, apparently feeling a little desperate, bored or just whimsical, had a Maloof brother -- presumably Gavin -- lobby Moe Harkless' camp for a Monday workout, reports ace Sam Amick. (See HarveySpecter's FanShot for evening discussion.)

Harkless worked out for Golden State (No. 7) on Sunday, and was then asked by the Kings to come by on Monday before leaving the region. The unique part, I was told, was that the workout was enough of an organizational priority that at least one member of the Maloof family that owns the team was among those team representatives doing the asking.

Harkless is represented by Happy Walters, and the prospect indicated on Monday that he was dead tired from the 10 workouts he'd done. I think there's a pretty good chance that Walters, on behalf of his exhausted client, was unwilling to waste time working out for a team based on some rumor they'd move down. Perhaps Maloof was needed to reassure Walters that the workout would be a waste of time. Perhaps I will go eat my shoe.

I actually like Harkless as a prospect, though he'll have a learning curve; going from guarding Big East big men to NBA wings is like taking an on-ramp to the Autobahn directly from a school zone. I like Harkless ... but there will so obviously be a better prospect, quite likely at the same position, available at No. 5. Trading down for an extra pick is like handcuffing yourself to an oak tree for a Twinkie.