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Sactown Royalty Draft Extravaganza 2012- The Field

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I dropped to #5?!?
(Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)
I dropped to #5?!? (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Well, here we are! 152 bold contestants, each vying for Sactown Royalty bragging rights as to who is the prognosticator of prognosticators. You can't put a price on that (you really can't - I tried).

Below you will find the residue of everyone's efforts. Tireless work, hours of statistical analysis, and days of video review went into the developing of these predictions (or in my case, they were 100% butt-pulled).

Some data:

  • MKGeesus! is the leader in the clubhouse, selected by 65 of our members. But 43% is not a mandate!
  • Hambone is next with 31.
  • 16 of you think that we will wind up with Throb.
  • 12 of you are predicting a trade with no 1st round draft pick coming back.
  • 6 of you believe in The Omen. Every remaining player came in at 5 or less.
  • Including the trade option, there are 17 different predictions for the 1st round pick.
  • We are all rooting for kwill to win the contest.
No matter what happens, the majority of you will be losers. LOSERS!!! Let that fester in your belly and may it feed and nurture you as you participate in what promises to be draft threads of Biblical proportions. Post angry, Fire Petrie!, Burkle me, and don't forget to tip your waiteress - she works very hard.

Suck my Doc! Go Kings!

Order StR Member 1st Round 2nd Round Dubs
71 Carl Barnes Crowder D.Lamb
10 swoosh91 Barnes Crowder Plumlee
87 Lotusprime Barnes Crowder Teague
131 NewEraKings Barnes English Melo
55 Aykis16 Barnes English White
121 dalt99 Barnes English Wroten
7 Chent Barnes Ezili T.Taylor
63 nickd378 Barnes Gordon Fournier
53 F3RRi3R Barnes Gordon J.Taylor
101 SactoIV Barnes Gordon J.Taylor
29 ASLplease Barnes Gordon Melo
85 AnotherStupidSN Barnes Gordon Teague
5 MoV44 Barnes Gordon Wroten
1 elSA Vinator Barnes Hummel J.Taylor
94 BayAreaKingFan Barnes Johnson-Odom Barton
152 getPGwithbounce Barnes K.Jones D.Lamb
64 LOUiECOG Barnes Machado D.Green
115 Skeptic con Urquell Barnes Melo Teague
110 pakyubai Barnes O'Quinn Melo
68 TheFault Barnes O'Quinn Trade
31 Gobroks Barnes O'Quinn Wroten
92 edm7 Barnes Papanikolaou Ezeli
49 VirginiaKingsFan Barnes Papanlolau Melo
105 Mike Garza Barnes Plumlee Melo
113 xtremedyme Barnes Plumlee Melo
139 Ellimist Barnes Q.Miller Wroten
149 SolidWarSnake Barnes Sims D.Miller
46 Crocoduck Barnes Sims Ezeli
123 Travis Mays Hayes Barnes Sullinger Teague
12 Makdeeznut Barnes Trade Plumlee
75 Doors Open Barnes Wroten T.Taylor
59 Sacto_J Beal Crowder Wroten
16 kwill Davis Kidd-Gilchrist Aldemir
17 this_guy Drummond Crowder Sullinger
102 Ka-Pow! Drummond D.Miller D.Lamb
109 nutcracker247 Drummond English Plumlee
33 Schnuppermeister Drummond Trade Trade
45 Merickel Drummond Wroten Trade
120 DaRubiesSLOKingsA's Harkless Gordon English
144 Galtonian Harkless J.Taylor D.Green
142 joeklein Harkless Plumlee Sullinger
39 Exhibit G Henson D.Green Melo
13 Czar Nickoli Kidd-Gilchrist Aldemir D.Lamb
4 TheFifthMookie Kidd-Gilchrist Aldemir J.Taylor
34 otis29 Kidd-Gilchrist Crowder Enema
138 DiegoKing Kidd-Gilchrist Crowder Nicholson
104 Beer_man Kidd-Gilchrist D.Green Fournier
9 Cincy Kings Fan Kidd-Gilchrist D.Green Melo
14 al_lives Kidd-Gilchrist D.Green Melo
66 J.R 50 Kidd-Gilchrist D.Green Plumlee
25 yazan13 Kidd-Gilchrist D.Green Wroten
93 jonfa9 Kidd-Gilchrist D.Green Wroten
38 rekehavoc13jimmer7 Kidd-Gilchrist D.Miller D.Green
137 ccdoty13 Kidd-Gilchrist D.Miller D.Green
97 CoolFinity Kidd-Gilchrist English T.Taylor
35 1damutt Kidd-Gilchrist English Teague
15 wabut Kidd-Gilchrist English Wroten
28 Prof. Knowles Itall Kidd-Gilchrist Ezeli Wroten
70 gdub171 Kidd-Gilchrist Fournier Johnson
30 dannyboy55 Kidd-Gilchrist Fournier White
20 recklessmonkey Kidd-Gilchrist Gordon D.Green
36 Rickyflip Kidd-Gilchrist Gordon Ezeli
60 Frankles Kidd-Gilchrist Gordon Ezeli
148 Scirocco Kidd-Gilchrist Gordon J.Taylor
84 gedrosolan Kidd-Gilchrist Gordon Jenkins
48 central2003 Kidd-Gilchrist Gordon Melo
52 yaboyrafa Kidd-Gilchrist Gordon Melo
58 clicc916 Kidd-Gilchrist Gordon Plumlee
132 gtrman1973 Kidd-Gilchrist Gordon Teague
80 split d. Kidd-Gilchrist Gordon Trade
8 Surprise Team Kidd-Gilchrist Gordon Wroten
18 Panzerfaust Kidd-Gilchrist Gordon Wroten
47 CrownedPotential Kidd-Gilchrist J.Green Melo
27 Ball In Cup Kidd-Gilchrist J.Taylor Fournier
32 Tom Ziller Kidd-Gilchrist Johnson-Odom Satoransky
37 pauleyusmc Kidd-Gilchrist Machado D.Green
96 Slam_Dunk Kidd-Gilchrist Machado Melo
108 49ertrojanmann Kidd-Gilchrist Machado Melo
78 RJinFairOaks Kidd-Gilchrist Melo Ezeli
112 ajd1083 Kidd-Gilchrist Melo White
6 jambone Kidd-Gilchrist Nicholson Teague
51 Gabraham Kidd-Gilchrist O'Quinn D.Lamb
82 Fredman Kidd-Gilchrist O'Quinn Ezeli
99 wallywagon11 Kidd-Gilchrist O'Quinn J.Taylor
98 bswest5 Kidd-Gilchrist O'Quinn Q.Miller
127 glazier_25 Kidd-Gilchrist O'Quinn Q.Miller
41 moproblemz Kidd-Gilchrist O'Quinn T.Taylor
140 JVinci Kidd-Gilchrist O'Quinn Teague
143 sroufe Kidd-Gilchrist O'Quinn Trade
146 vfettke Kidd-Gilchrist Papanikolaou Ezeli
21 Arthur Owens Kidd-Gilchrist Plumlee D.Miller
74 andy sims Kidd-Gilchrist Plumlee Leonard
19 rest9 Kidd-Gilchrist Plumlee Melo
150 richie88 Kidd-Gilchrist Plumlee Melo
77 MJ5 Kidd-Gilchrist Q.Miller Gordon
72 JCBaca Kidd-Gilchrist Sacre Nicholson
122 Portland's Cowboy fan Kidd-Gilchrist Satoransky Melo
3 JTreke Kings Ken-Dataya Naga Kidd-Gilchrist Sullinger Barton
86 killerking Kidd-Gilchrist Sullinger D.Green
2 HelloMyNameIs? Kidd-Gilchrist Sullinger Ezeli
62 CloudyEyes Kidd-Gilchrist T.Taylor Sullinger
23 jaynma23 Kidd-Gilchrist Trade Melo
79 betweentheeyes Kidd-Gilchrist Trade Q.Miller
118 jjham15 Kidd-Gilchrist Trade T.Taylor
50 larry_funderburke Kidd-Gilchrist Trade Trade
44 caseycheesecake Kidd-Gilchrist Trade Wroten
117 mrbaka Kidd-Gilchrist Wroten Gordon
69 TrojanCBB Leonard Trade Plumlee
90 King of Davis Lillard Adams Sullinger
65 bcorz Lillard J.Green White
111 JuMowbray Lillard J.Green White
91 arvydas11 Lillard Johnson-Odom Melo
114 HITMEN17 Lillard Q.Miller Teague
145 rancho king Lillard Scott Plumlee
42 IamPurlple Moultrie Johnson D.Green
67 ivAAron Perry Jones III Trade Wroten
54 section214 Robinson Aldemir D.Green
24 sacoakfan1 Robinson Crowder Nicholson
76 exilen Robinson D.Green Melo
130 AlextheKingsfan Robinson D.Green
40 fccpw Robinson D.Miller Melo
11 wtfaldavis Robinson Fournier Wroten
126 ahgraham Robinson Gordon D.Green
89 double rainbow Robinson Gordon Ezeli
141 bumblebeeman Robinson Gordon Ezeli
133 huntingtrees Robinson Johnson Gordon
134 twasserm Robinson Machado Q.Miller
26 Widowwolf Robinson Plumlee Wroten
136 8thInningWeirdness Robinson Q.Miller Melo
43 lodisacfan Robinson T.Taylor White
22 gregsactly Robinson Trade Trade
61 DTG13 Robinson White Melo
147 creep Ross O'Quinn Trade
81 lemia T.Jones Johnson D.Green
125 KevinSalvadori Trade Aldemir Fournier
100 Dub_TC Trade Buford J.Taylor
106 fryingpan136 Trade Crowder Trade
124 PurpleHurts Trade D.Green T.Taylor
128 WebberDynasty Trade English Q.Miller
119 Juan Primo Trade English Trade
73 Perezident of the Bahamas Trade English Wroten
107 Ritschard Trade English
56 Toeontheline Trade O'Quinn D.Miller
103 OKO Trade Plumlee Sullinger
83 TrailerParkMafia Trade Thompson Gordon
57 HeuristicLineup Trade Trade Trade
151 SPTS JUNKIE Waiters Hummel Wroten
88 BrianNW Waiters Sims Ezeli
95 Jim Les Zeller Crowder D.Lamb
116 Schneezel Zeller D.Green Teague
129 elfboy_ Zeller D.Lamb Ware
135 blackbird320 Zeller Gordon Teague