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NBA Mock Draft: Damian Lillard Is Totally Possible

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My final 2012 NBA Mock Draft is up over at SBNation. I put in Damian Lillard at No. 5 as Thomas Robinson and Michael Kidd-Gilchrist were off the board and I'm not about to predict any trades. I do think Lillard is a real, non-zero possibility. But I also think either Robinson or MKG will be on the board. I don't think the Kings can pass on either.

As for my preference? MKG over any of them, followed by Harrison Barnes, Robinson, Lillard and John Henson. Picks 2-4 are so ridiculously unsettled that I fear any actual guess will be wrong, but hey, I put in Lillard in the mock, so there you go.

We're also having a draft chat in the comments section over at the mock until 10 a.m. Check it out.