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Chad Ford: Andre Drummond To Kings At No. 5

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Oh boy. Chad Ford's latest mock has the Kings picking up Andre Drummond at No. 5 in tonight's draft, leaving Harrison Barnes, John Henson and Damian Lillard on the board. He has Thomas Robinson going No. 2 to Charlotte, Bradley Beal going No. 3 and Michael Kidd-Gilchrist going No. 4. But he says that there'd be no surprise if the Kings left MKG on the board (!) if he's available.

He also reports that in addition to the Rockets, the Hawks and Lakers have tried to pry away Sacramento's No. 5 pick. Can the Lakers offer anything but Pau Gasol, really? For the Hawks, are they ... offering JOSH SMITH? Hmmmmmmmm.

Sam Amick had the Kings taking Barnes at No. 5 this morning. Unless there's a trade, someone's going to be right and someone's going to be wrong. We'll see what Jon Givony of DraftExpress projects soon enough. I don't think it'll be Drummond.