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Growing Chorus Has Kings Keeping No. 5 Pick

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Since ESPN's lighter fluid report that the Kings continue to talk to the Rockets about moving up in the NBA Draft, two highly reputable reporters --'s Sam Amick and's David Aldridge -- have refuted the claims. Amick said that the trade talk was being overblown in a revision to his latest mock draft, which has the Kings going with Harrison Barnes. Aldridge dipped in amid the Bobcats-Cavaliers madness to note that the Wizards, Kings and Blazers aren't moving.

As of right now, it appears that the Cavaliers may give Charlotte the No. 24 pick to slide up to No. 2 in a high pick swap with Bradley Beal as the target. The Bobcats would then take Thomas Robinson at No. 4. The Wizards would be totally angry and might take Robinson out of spite and then deal with the Bobcats or Kings. It could be amazing, it could be annoying.

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