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This Is What The Kings Roster Looks Like Headed Into Free Agency

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With the selection of Thomas Robinson on Thursday the Kings now have 12 players under contract headed into Free Agency this Sunday.

Currently, this is how the roster looks:

PG: Isaiah Thomas, Jimmer Fredette

SG: Tyreke Evans, Marcus Thornton, Francisco Garcia

SF: John Salmons, Travis Outlaw, Tyler Honeycutt

PF: Thomas Robinson, Chuck Hayes

C: DeMarcus Cousins, Hassan Whiteside

Free Agents: Jason Thompson, Donté Greene, Terrence Williams

Yesterday after the draft Geoff Petrie again reiterated that re-signing Jason Thompson was the Kings top Free Agency Priority. That would put the Kings at 13 players under contract. Donté Greene is almost assuredly not coming back, and it is unknown what will happen with Terrence Williams.

Without Thompson and adding Robinson, the Kings have about $46.9 million in salary on the books. John Salmons is the highest paid player at $8.08 million. The NBA Salary Cap is expected to be the same as last year, at around $58 million. The Kings have plenty of flexibility to take on contracts, if of course they're willing to increase spending.

The Amnesty clause could be used to free up additional cap space, with two potential Amnesty candidates being Francisco Garcia and John Salmons. However, it's very unlikely that the Kings would opt to use the Amnesty provision, because while it erases the cap hold, it does not mean the team stops paying the player.

Free Agency officially begins at 12:01 AM on Sunday.