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How Outsiders See The Kings' Thomas Robinson Pick

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I demand approval! What are non-Kings people saying about Sacramento's decision to pick Thomas Robinson No. 5 in the 2012 NBA Draft? We begin with our pal Chad Ford.

This is a dream scenario for the Kings. They need the toughness, the rebounding and the motor that Robinson brings to the table. I think he's the perfect fit in the frontcourt alongside DeMarcus Cousins.

John Hollinger had Robinson No. 2 on his board overall in his annual Draft Rater piece last week.

My bud Andrew Sharp had this to say about the Kings' draft at

So, it's hard to get upset about taking Thomas Robinson. He's as NBA-ready as anyone in the draft, he's tough, and next to DeMarcus Cousins he gives the Kings a frontline that they can count on for the next decade or so. But Harrison Barnes would have more sense--you can find lots of blue collar power forwards, but it's harder to find a third option as talented as Barnes. He's not good enough to be a superstar on his own, but wedged between Tyreke and DMC, Barnes would have been perfect. Still, Robinson's a solid building block for Sacramento, and even if the Maloofs got cheap and sold a second round pick that could have been Kim English or Quincy Miller (either of whom might have been a solution at the 2/3) ... remember last year? When Sacramento engineered that completely indefensible trade to draft Jimmer in the lottery? Things could be a lot worse than drafting a forward you can pencil into the starting lineup for the next 10 years. GRADE: B

Any other reactions worth noting? Add them in the comments.