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Welcome Thomas Robinson To Sacramento

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The Kings will hold their traditional rookie rally to introduce Thomas Robinson to Sacramento and vice versa. The event will be at 3 p.m. at Arden Fair Mall. (The specific location is the plaza near Nordstorm's.) Keith Smart will attend with Robinson. If it's anything like years past, there will be t-shirts and whatnot. There's a press conference a few hours prior to the rally.

After Saturday, the next opportunity to see Robinson will be down at Las Vegas Summer League beginning July 13. Hassan Whiteside is also expected to play.

And in case you missed it on Thursday night, Robinson will wear jersey number 0 with the Kings. The only other Sacramento King to wear 0 was Olden Polynice. (Greg Ostertag wore '00' for a season.)

If you attend the rookie rally and take photos, please load them up on our Facebook page so that we can share them with other fans who couldn't attend.