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Having Sold Pick, Kings Unlikely To Test Undrafted Free Agents

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Getty Images's Jonathan Tjarks has an excellent rundown of the top 10 undrafted free agents available. Point guard Scott Machado leads the list; the best small forward is Hollis Thompson of Georgetown. But because the Kings sold the No. 36 pick for cash on Thursday and used the roster depth as an excuse the rationale, it would seem unlikely that Sacramento would then turn around and push for one of the higher-end undrafted free agents.

Further, given that Sacramento more or less announced that it doesn't have roster spots available, agents are going to be hesitant to send undrafted free agents with options to Las Vegas with the Kings, especially at any position but small forward.

These players do matter. The Kings have had two undrafted players recently graduate from Sacramento's Summer League team to the NBA, albeit with other teams: Louis Amundson and Wesley Matthews. Last year, Isaiah Thomas was one pick away from going undrafted, as well.