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On The Allure Of The Los Angeles TV Market

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If you're paying attention, there's no question whatsoever as to why the Maloofs want to move our team to the Los Angeles area. No question whatsoever.

From the Los Angeles Times:

The [NHL] Kings and Fox Sports have reached agreement on a new television contract, providing an immediate cash injection that could help the team retain star goaltender Jonathan Quick.

The new deal keeps the Kings on Fox Sports West through 2024 and guarantees the team about $250 million, according to a person familiar with the agreement who was not authorized to discuss the terms.

[...] The Kings' television windfall has less to do with their Stanley Cup run than with the fractured cable sports landscape in Southern California.

The Maloofs' deal with Henry Samueli to relocate the Sacramento Kings to Anaheim last spring wouldn't have included a TV windfall, and something far more lucrative than the current Comcast deal might have been a decade down the road. But when you see the Lakers sign for billions and a hockey team take $250 million for roughly a decade of rights, I imagine it's hard not to be drawn to the cash like moths to the sun.

This is what Sacramento is up against: a TV market George Maloof sees as (another) lottery ticket. We've got to keep fighting.