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NBA Draft: Harrison Barnes Won't Drop Below Kings, According To Report

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Sam Amick of has the most interesting NBA draft report in the history of NBA draft reports!

Sources say the Cavaliers are very high on the 20-year-old small forward and appear unlikely to let him slip past them at the No. 4 slot in the June 28 draft. While this week's predraft combine in Chicago (June 6-7), and the team workouts thereafter, could always change things, rival executives are planning for Barnes to be off the board by the time the fifth pick (Sacramento) rolls around.

Interestingly enough, I had Barnes slotted at No. 4 in today's Mock Draft. What put me in that direction was Cleveland's lack of need for a power forward, given that their No. 4 pick from 2011 (Tristan Thompson) plays the position. Thomas Robinson might be better than Thompson, but teams don't usually hit the same position in back-to-back top-5 picks.

The more interesting implication to me: what if Charlotte goes with Robinson at No. 2, the Wizards add to the backcourt with Bradley Beal at No. 3 and Cleveland sticks with Barnes at No. 4? Why, that looks like a path to Michael Kidd-Gilchrist at No. 5! All of my fingers are crossed hard.

There's more Amick goodness about the Kings in there, too. Check it out.