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Kevin Johnson Re-Elected As Sacramento Mayor

In case you didn't follow election returns on Tuesday night or Wednesday morning: Kevin Johnson was indeed re-elected as mayor of Sacramento with a powerful 58 percent of the vote. While it's not a surprise, it is a nice little resolution that will surely infuriate those who have made hobby of insisting that attempting to keep the Kings in Sacramento was a misguided effort. Clearly, the people of Sacramento disagree. The arena push was KJ's most high-profile initiative, and though it was blocked in the end by despotic miscreants who call themselves NBA owners, it was quite obviously backed by the voters of Sacramento.

With four more years to lead Sacramento into a new era, there's still hope for Kings fans. Instead of worrying about a run-off in November, we can help KJ do what needs to be done to get a workable solution to keep Sacramento a major league city. Let's do this.

Congratulations to KJ and his impeccable campaign team.