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NBA Draft: Andre Drummond, John Henson Are Long

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Measurements from the 2012 NBA Draft Combine have leaked. (Cue up the "playing basketball in socks" jokes.) Andre Drummond, the UConn center who is the source of much discussion and consternation in Sacramento these days as a potential No. 5 pick for the Kings, wore two-inch shoes. News!

The news is that he is extremely long. In shoes, Drummond is a shade under 7 feet. His wingspan is an absurd 7'6. His standing reach is 9'1 and a half. In his tweet on the matter, Chad Ford added, "FREAKY." Yes, FREAKY indeed.

But check out John Henson, who will be visiting Sacramento soon. Henson measured 6'10 and a half in shoes (an inch and change shorter than Drummond), with a 7'5 wingspan (an inch shorter than Drummond) but a standing reach of 9'3 and a half.

So Drummond is more than inch taller and has a longer wingspan ... but Henson's standing reach is two inches better.

That indicates that a good bit of Drummond's wingspan is in his shoulders -- he has a wider base (which is obvious from looking at the two). I'm not exactly sure whether you'd rather have the longer reach or the longer wingspan, but there it is.

It's worth noting, since I'm totally biased, that Henson's hands came out at 10 inches wide (Drummond is at 9.5) and that Henson did not shoot below 40 percent on free throws last season. Wink.