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Guessing Jason Thompson's New Contract


Jason Thompson will likely have a new contract with the Sacramento Kings by Monday. It's unlikely that the two sides were ever very far apart -- J.T.'s camp must know that the Kings value the power forward more than most teams, and the Kings know that Thompson is a potentially great fit with DeMarcus Cousins and Thomas Robinson in a three-man big rotation. (Chuck Hayes, I know you're still back there! Sorry!)

But the question is: where will that contract land?

Hayes got $21 million over four years. Glen Davis got $26 million. Those two reference points push me toward, I'm afraid, $28-30 million, or $7 million plus per season on average.

To me, that can be palatable if the team frontloads the deal to keep space open for when the Kings have new owners and Tyreke Evans and Cousins are under new deals. I'm not holding my breath on a deal being frontloaded, though.

Where do you think the contract lands? The max length is four years unless the Kings don't think they'll be offering Cousins the bonus year.