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Report: Jason Thompson's Contract Worth $34 Million Over 5 Years?

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While it has been known for a few days now that the Sacramento Kings would re-sign Restricted Free Agent Forward Jason Thompson, the terms of the deal have not been discloses. Prior speculation put the deal at 4 years, $26 million, but a recent report from the says that the terms of the contract are 5 years, $34 million. Thompson does himself say in the interview that his deal is at least five years, although financials are not mentioned.

The maximum a team can offer one of their own free agents is a five year deal with maximum annual 7.5% raises per Larry Coon's NBA Salary Cap FAQ. If Thompson's deal starts at about $6 million, which is something that has been reported, a five year deal with 7.5% raises would be about $34.8 million, so this report may have some merit.

Nobody else has reported these contract details yet, but there does seem to be some truth to them. It would be a higher annual cost than previously reported, but only by about $500,000, so not a huge difference (in NBA terms). Also, if the fifth year is a team option or unguaranteed, the deal would basically be the same as we had thought before.

So if this report is true, does that change your previous opinion on the deal?

(Also, for those wondering, a team CAN have more than one player on a five-year deal. Teams can sign any of their own Free Agents to five-year deals. However they can only designate one player for an early five year extension.)