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Kings Miss Out On Dorell Wright, Who Is Traded For Literally Nothing

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The Sixers traded the rights to a European player drafted in the second round in 2006 to the Golden State Warriors for Dorell Wright, according to CSN Philly. Wright had been considered a great option for the Sacramento Kings, given that the Kings desperately need a small forward, Wright would be even further shoved into the back of the GSW rotation due to the drafting of Harrison Barnes and the Kings' ability to take on salary with their cap space.

Instead, Philly lands him.

Wright had the best year of his career under Keith Smart in 2010-11, and is a deft three-point shooter who can get out in transition. As it stands, the Kings may either continue to play Tyreke Evans at small forward, re-sign Terrence Williams to take the spot or trot out John Salmons, Travis Outlaw or Francisco Garcia.

There's the possibility the Warriors simply refused to trade with the Kings, a division rival. But if Sacramento had offered a legit asset -- say, a future second-round pick as opposed to a historical one -- could Golden State have refused? We'll never know. Regardless, the search goes on.