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Pressuring Jimmer Fredette Pays Dividends For Bobcats

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In Friday's Summer League opener for the Sacramento Kings, the opposing Charlotte Bobcats put on a full-court press in an attempt to use their exuberant youth (as well as the extreme quickness and length of Michael Kidd-Gilchrist and Bismack Biyombo) to create some turnovers and break the Kings' offense. It worked. The Kings were horrible. Jimmer Fredette, the Kings' Summer League point guard, shot 2-11 (0-8 on threes), had two turnovers and two assists in 25 minutes, and was completely flustered by the press.

You see the press maybe 5-10 total possessions during the regular season. Apparently, the 'Cats are going to run it a lot more. When Fredette is running the point, that is doom unless the Kings design some solid press breaks that he can execute. Even without putting on a full-court press, opponents will see that struggle on Friday and make sure they are pressuring Jimmer in the backcourt more frequently. That's the first job of a point guard -- get the ball into the offense -- and it's something he struggled mightily with on Friday. It's just Summer League, sure. But that's not great.

Fredette has four more games to prove he can handle that pressure and still offer what the Kings need most from him (shooting). We're rooting for him to get over the hump.