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Geoff Petrie Talks of Possible Moves and Team Needs

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As evidenced by our StR Offseason tracker, this has been an incredibly busy and active offseason so far... that is, for everyone but the Kings. The Kings did a nice job snagging Thomas Robinson with the 5th pick in the draft and re-signing Jason Thompson to an affordable deal, but nothing else has really materialized.

Jason Jones recently spoke to Geoff Petrie about the offseason and got this response:

"A lot of the hot money goes out early. There still players out there who are quality players and there's still the possibility for trades are certainly still pretty active. We've had quite a few conversations on different things and I'm hopeful we'll get some things done in the next few days ... We would like to do some prudent things to improve our roster and still give us some flexibility going forward. To still improve ourselves at small forward, improve our shooting and probably get a little more creativity in the backcourt if that was possible and continue to build with a young nucleus. "

To me, this reads that the Kings don't want to take on long-term salary and will likely not be making any big Free Agent signings (not that there are any big contract Free Agents left) or acquiring big contracts without giving big contracts (Salmons/Garcia/Hayes) in return. By my calculations, the Kings have about $5.3 million in cap space. They could either spend that much on a Free Agent, or use that space to acquire a bigger contract in a trade. After the jump, a few of the better remaining options in Free Agency and possible trade acquisitions that could fill Geoff Petrie's criteria of team needs.

(Clicking a player's name will take you to their Basketball-Reference page)

Free Agents:

Trade Possibilities (Not including contracts over $10 million unless it's just 1 year due to Maloofiness of Kings):
  • Wesley Johnson, SF, 2 years, $9.7 million remaining (Two Thumbs Down)
  • Anybody on the Orlando Magic aside from Dwight Howard (Two Thumbs Down)
  • Jose Calderon, PG, Career 38.1% from Three, Career 39.5% Assist Rate1 year, $10.6 million remaining (Eh)
I really don't see too many great options for the Kings here. That's too bad, because there have been some very nice and affordable signings to date. Young PG D.J. Augustin got a 1 year deal in Indiana for just $4 million. Jarrett Jack and Dorell Wright were both essentially salary dumped. We'll see if the Kings do anything exciting soon, but I'm not getting my hopes up. If I had to make a Free Agency prediction, I have a feeling (no sources or anything) that Nate Robinson might be a King this year. The team has expressed interest in the past, and Isaiah Thomas is a very close friend. Last year he did a very good job running the Point for the Warriors as well. He's a "name" too, if only for his dunk contest days, and we know the Maloofs are trying to generate excitement of any sorts.

I also think Terrence Williams is a very real possibility to come back. His teammates love him, he's young, and he was the best performer at SF for the Kings last season (which isn't saying much). I still do not think the Kings will use their Amnesty clause, and really, there isn't much point to using it if they aren't going to be spending the money anyway.