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Kings Talking to Ryan Anderson?

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The Sacramento Kings have been relatively quiet on the Free Agency front so far, with little to nothing being reported on their interests aside from the fact that they want to re-sign Jason Thompson. None of this is any surprise to Kings fans.

But today, Carmichael Dave had this nice little tidbit on Twitter:

Spotted at lunch downtown today- local boy Ryan Anderson having lunch with Geoff Petrie and Wayne Cooper. More on #CDNet‬ at 7

Ryan Anderson is a Sacramento native, and also one of the better Free Agents out there. He is a Restricted Free Agent though, which complicates things a bit as the Orlando Magic can match any offer. He also plays the same position as both new draftee Thomas Robinson and potential re-signee Jason Thompson.

Before you think that the Kings could be looking at Anderson as a potential fit at Small Forward, he'd be a terrible fit there, at least defensively (not that he's a great defender at PF either). Offensively though, Anderson would do what he does best, shoot threes. He is a career 38.4% shooter from downtown and last year led the league in three pointers made.

For more on this, tune in to Carmichael Dave's new online radio show tonight at 7:00 PM. You can find it at

UPDATE: Jason Jones has confirmed that the Kings met with Anderson. Anderson had lunch with team officials and toured the Practice Facility.