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Kings Make Formal Offer To Jason Thompson, Think Ryan Anderson Can Play Small Forward

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Jason Jones has a dispatch from a chat with Kings president of basketball operations Geoff Petrie. Petrie tells Jones that the Sacramento Kings made a formal offer to Jason Thompson's agent Leon Rose. What that offer was is not disclosed. Petrie also confirmed a meeting with Ryan Anderson, and had this to say about the restricted free agent.

On whether Anderson was a PF or SF Petrie said:

"A lot of that depends on who's making the opinion. He was primarily a four (power forward) in Orlando but he can play some other spots on the perimeter."

Wait, other "spots"? Of course, he's a shooting guard! (For the record, Anderson has played basically no minutes at small forward over his career, something not even the nearly 7-foot Jason Thompson can say.)

We'll have more on Anderson in the morning. It could be moot for any number of reasons, with Thompson's outstanding offer foremost among them.