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In Cuzizstan, T-Shirt Wear You

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Want to represent Cuzizstan and all that it stands for? You're in luck: the Sactown Royalty Store, where business is as brisk as at a Dairy Queen in Antarctica, now features two Cuzizstan inspired t-shirts.

Cuzizstan-red_medium Cuzizstan-black_medium

The red one, in particular, will be excellent for our to-be-announced Boogie Appreciation Night this season, where we'll ask everyone to wear red or bring a red cloth of some sort to wave around like a red flag in support of His Boogieness. These shirts have the flag on the front and a stanza from the Cuzizstan Declaration of Boogieness on the back.

You can check out the Sactown Royalty Store right here.

All design credit to Aykis. Inspiration and Declaration verse from section214.


UPDATE: Added women's versions and up to 4XL for men.