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Kings' 2012-13 Schedule To Be Released At 4 P.M.

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The NBA is releasing the 2012-13 schedule a bit early this year, with the docket being prepped for a 4 p.m. Pacific release on Thursday. The league will have an unveiling special on NBA TV, where they will no doubt focus on the marquee matchups.

For the Kings, the question is whether the team will get back on national TV for a game or two (possible, perhaps even likely), whether they'll open the season at home or on the road and what those road trips will look like. Back-to-back-to-backs are gone (thank Heavens), and there are likely to be more 2-3 day breaks from action.

I have some schedule predictions:

* It will feature 82 games.

* Forty-one of those games will be at home.

* Forty-one of those games will be on the road.

* There will be four games against the L.A. Lakers.

* There will be a home game against the Miami Heat!

Check back just after 4 for a link to the schedule.