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2012-13 Kings' Schedule Released: Kings Open On The Road Again

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The 2012-13 schedule was released today and it's back to starting on the road for the Kings after a one year reprieve. Sacramento opens the season on Halloween in Chicago, followed by two more road games at Minnesota and Indiana. The Home Opener is November 5th against the Golden State Warriors, and is the start of a three game homestand that also includes the Pistons and Spurs.

The full schedule can be found here.

Other schedule highlights:

  • Longest Homestand: Two Homestands of 5 games Each (1/7 - 1/16 and 3/30 - 4/10)
  • Longest Road Trip: 6 game Road Trip (1/26 - 2/4)
  • Brutal stretch from Jan. 26th to March 1st in which the Kings play 13 of 16 on the road.
  • October: 1 road game
  • November: 4 road games, 10 home games
  • December: 8 road games, 7 home games
  • January: 10 road games, 7 home games
  • February: 9 road games, 3 home games
  • March: 6 road games, 9 home games
  • April: 3 road games, 5 home games
  • 17 Back-To-Backs and 3 stretches of four games in five nights.
  • No nationally televised games currently scheduled, but 4 games on NBA TV.
  • Play Minnesota, Oklahoma City, New Orleans, and Houston just 3 times. All other West Teams 4 times.
  • Lakers come into town Nov. 21st and Mar. 30th.
  • Heat visit January 12th.
  • Season ends April 17th with Clippers coming to town.