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Kings' November Filled With Home Games, But Schedule Is Tough

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The initial news that the Sacramento Kings would open their season with three games on the road served as a bit of reminder that, yes, this is the Sacramento Kings. But hey! The Oklahoma City Thunder start the season on the road too, so ...

November (and the final day of October) is actually filled with home games for the Kings, with 10 in Sacramento and five elsewhere. But that split is less helpful when you look at the opponents.

The Kings have five games on the road in October and November. Of those, four of the opponents (Bulls, Pacers, Lakers, Jazz) had winning records last season, and as such as very probable losses for the Kings. The other is the Timberwolves, who were average before injuries ravaged the team. I'd mark that one a probable loss too, unless Ricky Rubio remains out. We'll call it a loss for now.

The Kings have 10 at home in November. The opponents: the Warriors, Pistons, Spurs, Blazers, Hawks, Nets, Lakers, Jazz, Timberwolves and Pacers. The Warriors are beatable because they are the Warriors. They look improved, but I'm going to need them to prove it before I fear them. The Pistons are improving, but still a winnable game for the Kings. The Spurs are dope. The Blazers are currently mediocre. The Hawks traded Joe Johnson and Marvin Williams for Anthony Morrow and Devin Harris. That's a possible win. The Nets ... well, let's call that a loss despite last season's mediocrity. The Lakers are great, the Jazz are good (losses) but the Wolves aren't good enough for me to concede a home loss to them. The Pacers are quite good.

In those 10 home games, I count five wins and five losses. I count all five road games as losses. That's a 5-10 record exiting November, and a probable last place position in the Pacific. It's right on track with the team's recent performance (.333) and, frankly, sad.

It's also terrifying for the season at large considering that February and March feature basically no home games. I don't mean to be bleak, but November does not look terribly promising in terms of wins and losses.

But we shall have basketball, and for now, that is enough.