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A Blind Item On A Coming Maloof 'Stunt'

I'm not sure if this is a prediction or an undisclosed scoop from the Sacramento Bee's Marcos Breton, but I'd bet on the latter based on how plugged in he's been on the Kings arena issue.

But you can bank on this: The Maloofs and their employees will soon offer up some other phony stunt meant to distract and further their goals of finding a big payday while retaining control of the team.

I look forward to your guesses.

Otherwise in Breton's column, he again takes the Maloofs to task for ruining the downtown deal, hints at new Think BIG economic boost ideas coming this week and generally rips into the family. Just in case we don't mention it enough, I find it lovely that the metro columnist of the town's only daily has such clarity on and interest in this issue. A wider swath of Sacramento sees the Maloofs' true colors right now thanks in part to Breton's work on the subject.