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Ryan Anderson Headed To Hornets, Not Kings, In Sign-And-Trade

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Local boy Ryan Anderson won't be headed to the Sacramento Kings after all. Days after meeting with the Kings front office, Anderson was prepared to sign an offer sheet with the New Orleans Hornets when the Orlando Magic, who had the right to match any offer but wasn't inclined to do so, decided to work out a sign-and-trade. ESPN's Marc Stein reports that Gustavo Ayon is headed to Orlando.

This is where we find out just how much the Kings were willing to spend on Anderson. Given Anderson's stated desire to play in Sacramento (a rarity), logic dictates that the Kings were not willing to spend Anderson's New Orleans salary to take him. If it's a reasonable contract, anger could very well reach a fever pitch among most corners of the fan base.

UPDATE: Yahoo!'s Adrian Wojnarowski reports four years, $36 million. That's a reasonable contract.

Of course, signing Jason Thompson to a new deal could squelch some of that -- and reports suggest just that is about to happen.