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Kings' Uniforms Named Worst In Pro Sports By 'Uni Watch'


Uni Watch, a pretty valuable site written by Paul Lukas, ranked the uniforms of all 122 NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL teams for ESPN, and the Sacramento Kings landed at ... No. 122. (There is some discussion in this FanShot.) Here's what Lukas says:

Every class has a slow kid pulling up the rear, and in this case it's the Kings. Where shall we start -- the brutal color scheme? The illegible chest lettering on the home jersey? The oddly off-center front uni numbers? The clownish number font? The completely incongruous old-school script on the black alternate? A disaster from start to finish. On the bright side, there's nowhere to go but up!

This is absurd. There are plenty worse uniforms in the NBA alone: the Bobcats' scheme is without any redeeming quality, the Mavericks' and Thunder's typeface and colors are beyond non-descript and the Warriors have been a stylistic abomination since leaving San Francisco. The off-center number issue is bizarre if only because that used to be a very popular trope back in the '70s -- is it bad because it is different? And the script on the black unis last year wasn't incongruous: it was a nod to the Kings' older jerseys with an updated color scheme! The Kings are being penalized for thinking outside the box on uniforms. So I guess we should all just wear boring blue jerseys with boring sans serif fonts and maybe some pinstripes lest we offend touchy sensibilities about what makes sartorial sense.

I don't think the Kings have the best jerseys, and I'm still haunted by the cat vomit gold jerseys of a few years ago. But this is a bit absurd. Would anyone in Charlotte really not go back in time and swap their scheme for that of the Kings?