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How The Maloofs Can End The Rumors About Kings Relocation


It's just adorable that the Maloofs and their spokesman declared that they won't be discussing every rumor about relocation that passes by their desk. Because they are otherwise so busy. A report rips through the internet and shakes up the thousands and thousands of Sacramento Kings fans -- the folks who make up the Maloofs' final customer base, pro skateboarding and cell phone cover enthusiasts aside -- and they give us a 'no comment.'

The last time Eric Rose trotted out a B.S. statement about refusing to respond to every little item was when, in the wake of the Maloofs blowing up the agreed-upon downtown arena deal, Here We Stay wrote a letter requesting a three-year written commitment to Sacramento. Instead of addressing the request like the mature professionals they purport to be, the Maloofs sent Rose out to give a "we can't respond to every open letter" line. It was fantastically revealing: the Maloofs weren't interested in agreeing not to file for relocation for three years, so instead of telling fans that, they diverted the question.

Makes you wonder why the Kings are diverting this question now, huh?

The thing is: this is an easy rumor to kill! It's pretty clear that Virginia Beach is nowhere near ready for an NBA team. They don't have approvals for the plan to develop an arena, let alone the financing in place and, uh, a building built. Louisville, Anaheim, Kansas City -- they all have buildings ready to go. Las Vegas and Seattle can get buildings. This should be an insanely easy rumor to kill. "No, we're not interested in Virginia Beach." Not "we haven't talked to Virginia Beach." Not "we aren't going to discuss any rumors." Just a simple "no, we're not interested in Virginia Beach." That wouldn't squash it immediately, but it'd come close.

If the Maloofs are so exasperated by the repeat rumors and the focus in this town on Seattle, Anaheim and the occasional new drug like Virginia Beach, they can actually do something about it. They can commit in writing to Sacramento for the next three years, or they can call up the city and tell them to rekindle the downtown deal as previously agreed upon, with a new timeline due to the Maloofs' delays. Those moves end the rumors in an instant.

Something tells me the Maloofs would just prefer no one talk about in hopes that we'll let our guard down (again) and they can rush something through one of these springs. Sorry, boys, but we're not letting you get out without a fight. Until you commit to Sacramento in a meaningful way, we will question your intent.