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Comcast is Talking To People In Sports, And Other Takeaways From the Virginia Beach Presentation

[Note: I was unable to watch the presentation live. The following information was gathered from Aaron Bruski, Ryan Lillis, and Rob McAllister]

We learned several interesting things in today's presentation from Comcast and the Virginia Beach Economic Development Group. Among the important things we learned:

  • From the President of Comcast, "We're talking to people in sports"
  • Virginia Beach hopes to have an agreement with a professional sports team within 2 months
  • No costs have been estimated
  • It remains unknown who would pay for the proposed arena

Obviously many questions remain unanswered, and Virginia Beach Councilman Bill DeSteph was asking a lot of hard hitting questions. Any arena proposal in Virginia Beach remains a long ways away. That's not to say it can't or won't happen, just that it's a ways away.

The 2 month time frame for an agreement is particularly aggressive, especially when considering cities like Kansas City, Seattle, or Anaheim already have new arenas or arenas in place to receive a team while a new arena is built.

Neither the Kings nor the Maloofs were mentioned during the presentation.