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POLL: Will Kings Keep Their 2013 Draft Pick?

The Kings owe the Cavaliers a first-round draft pick thanks to the brilliant J.J. Hickson-Omri Casspi deal. That pick is protected -- Sacramento kept it in 2012 by virtue of finishing as one of the league's 14 worst teams. But will the Kings keep it again in 2013?

The Kings would need to make the playoffs or be the very best non-playoff team to lose it. If that happens, no one in Sacramento will be upset about losing the pick, because we'll be too overjoyed at the massive improvement. But there's no question that the Kings could use another prospect. You can always use another prospect. At worst, it's a trade chip. At best, it's an integral piece of the future. For a team long lacking in both, you could always use another.

So, what do y'all think at this point? Will the Kings be good enough to lose the pick this year? Or will we add another piece in June 2013?