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30Q: Who Will Keith Smart Trust In Crunch Time?

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We know who Paul Westphal trusted in crunch time: Tyreke Evans. We know who Reggie Theus trusted in crunch time: Ron Artest, then (inexplicably) Quincy Douby. We know who Rick Adelman trusted in crunch time: Mike Bibby.

But who does Keith Smart trust in crunch time?

We can use's data to see who got the most shots in crunch time last season. Here's a quick rundown of the likely candidates:

DeMarcus Cousins: 17.8 FGAs per 48 minutes in crunch time
Isaiah Thomas: 16.3 FGAs/48
Tyreke Evans: 22.4 FGAs/48
Marcus Thornton: 24.6 FGAs/48
Jimmer Fredette: 21.5 FGAs/48

When you add in assists -- Evans averaged 4 per 48 in crunch time; Thornton had two total over almost 100 minutes of clutch play -- Tyreke seems to take the cake. (Isaiah averaged 5.8 assists per 48 in the clutch.) All in all, it looks rather balanced: Tyreke and Marcus do the heavy lifting, but DeMarcus, Isaiah and Jimmer aren't ignored.

I think Jimmer could leap up here, though -- he took all of those shots last season, but actually played very little in the clutch (fewer than 20 percent of available minutes). He also shot just 20 percent in the clutch. Despite that, he had freedom to take lots of shots. That freedom should grow if Fredette rewards Smart by hitting some big shots.