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Virginia Beach Report Ties Kings To Comcast-Spectacor Arena Deal

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Bruce Rader of WAVY-TV in Virginia Beach reports that Virginia Beach officials continue to meet with Comcast-Spectacor on an arena plan in that city. Rader also directly links the Sacramento Kings to those plans, and indicates that if the Virginia Beach City Council gets an arena plan in place -- which looks like it would require public financing of bonds -- the Maloofs will move the team east.

Thanks to SacTownMike for the FanShot calling attention to this.

The previous presentation of an arena plan received a mixed reaction from VB's councilmembers, but as we've seen in Sacramento, when these projects get rolling, it becomes easier for folks to jump on board. The glamour of it all is persuasive. That said, to our knowledge the good folks in Virginia Beach haven't gotten a whiff of George Maloof's red pen just yet, so ... you know.

And be cautioned: we still do not have a Virginia Beach or Comcast-Spectacor official on the record, on camera discussing the Sacramento Kings. There's a chance that this reporter and the others who have mentioned the Kings are pulling it out of their tailpipes, or that the mayor is willing to spread the rumor behind closed doors but not from the porch. Who knows? But it's worth noting.

(There's also a bit in Mike's FanShot about the Seattle mayor saying "we have a team" during the "Chris Hansen, Hurray!" event last night. I don't think that's anything more than a confused and/or tipsy slip. I don't think the Maloofs have agreed to sell the Kings to Hansen already.)