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30Q: Can Jimmer Fredette Return To His Roots As A Scorer?

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2011-12 Statistics:

61 Games Played, 18.6 MPG, 7.6 PPG, .386 FG%, .361 3P%, 1.2 RPG, 1.8 APG, 0.5 STL

Contract Status:

3 years, $7.9 million remaining

Nobody could say that Jimmer Fredette's season last year was anything but disappointing. Even those who had somewhat tempered expectations of Jimmer (like myself) felt that our expectations were not met. Jimmer struggled in every area last season, whether it was running the team, scoring, or defending. In a way, a lot of this was not his fault because he was simply being asked to do too much.

What both the Kings and Jimmer both need to realize is that this is someone who is in his element when he has the green light to just go out there and score.

Scoring is what earned Jimmer Fredette his reputation at BYU. When someone is dropping 30 points a game every night, it tends to get noticed. But when he came to the NBA, the Kings asked him to play more as a PG and be more selective when he looked to score. You could see noticeable hesitation from Jimmer throughout the season (but particularly early on) when he would pass up open shots for more difficult ones or give up the ball.

Another factor for Jimmer's struggles is that he was not ready for NBA defense, particularly for creating his own shots. In college this wasn't a problem, but NBA defenses soon found out that best way to take Jimmer out of the game was to play him close and tough. It completely threw him off and was one of the biggest reasons the Kings moved him off the ball later in the season. Funnily enough, that was when Jimmer started to play a little better, particularly when Terrence Williams was playing Point Forward and feeding him the ball as he got going. Jimmer was also pretty good in Pick and Roll situations when his teammates helped him get free. According to MySynergySports, Jimmer was 41st best in the league as a Pick and Roll Scorer.

With the addition of Aaron Brooks to the Kings, we should see less and less of Jimmer running the offense, which is a good thing. Jimmer should be coming in to bring a scoring punch. That's not to say he can't learn to run an offense eventually, but right now he should stick to what he's best at. He needs to come into games with the mentality that he's looking to score. He needs to get better at moving without the ball, catching and shooting, and learning the Beno Udrih stop-and-pop.

Jimmer won't ever be an NBA star like he was in college. But he can still be a very valuable player, and on a team like the Kings where shooting is desperately needed, he should get the opportunities to show it.