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Mad Libs: Sacramento Kings Edition

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April 20, 2012; Sacramento, CA, USA; Sacramento mayor Kevin Johnson addresses the media court side during halftime between the Sacramento Kings and the Oklahoma City Thunder at Power Balance Pavilion. The Thunder defeated the Kings 103-92. Mandatory Credit: Kyle Terada-US PRESSWIRE

Over the course of the past week, writers from all of the SB Nation NBA sites participated in a word association exercise. We were asked to answer with the first word that came to mind for each NBA team. As you can probably guess, the words associated with the Kings are, for the most part, not good.

But let's have a little fun with those words anyway. I've created a mad lib. For those of you who are unfamiliar with mad libs, I'm depressed by how terrible your childhood was. How could you missed out on the joy of creating silly mad libs for 20 minutes before realizing you're bored? Fear not, today is the day I will single-handedly fix your awful childhood.

I will give you a prompt, (such as "adverb"), and you'll select an appropriate words (such as "depressing"). Unlike a normal mad lib, though, you'll choose the fill in words from the list of words provided by SBN's basketball writers. Jot the words down in another window, or on a piece of paper (this is mostly for Section214). I'll then give you a story to insert the words into. Post your results in the comments.

Here are the words to choose from, along with the corresponding parts of speech they can be used for. Words can be used more than once.

short term (time frame)
Cowbell (noun)
Garbage (noun)
Confused (adjective)
Laughable (adjective)
Mouse (noun)
Webber (heroic noun)
proud (fan adjective)
moving (verb)
Maloof'd (adjective)
transient (adjective)
dysfunctional (adjective)
Hostages (plural noun)
Petulant (adjective)
owner (noun)
Depressing (adjective)
Drifters (plural noun)
Worst...owners...ever (phrase)
Depressing (adjective)
Struggling (adjective)
Poor (adjective)
Shooters (plural noun)
Untethered (adjective)
Moving? (question)
Temporary (adjective)
Abused (verb)
Maloofs (improper noun)
Adelman (proper noun)

From that list, please select the following (no peeking!):

Proper Noun
Heroic Noun
Improper noun
Improper Noun
Time frame
Fan adjective
Plural noun
Improper noun


Now, insert your choices into the following paragraph:

Once upon a time, there was a basketball team led by (proper noun) and (heroic noun). But then the dark days came. Days when the (improper noun) revealed themselves to be the (adjective), (adjective), (adjective) fools. The (improper noun) were regarded by all that encountered them as (adjective), (adjective), (adjective), and (adjective). Luckily, their reign of terror was meant to be little more than (time frame). The resilient and (fan adjective) fans kept fighting, like (plural noun) gunning their way out of a shooting slump. Kings fans were triumphant, and the (improper noun) would go down in history as the (phrase).

Post your results in the comments!