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#NBAWordAssociation: Man, The Kings Are Depressing

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April 26, 2012; Sacramento, CA, USA; Los Angeles Lakers shooting guard Kobe Bryant (24) calls out to the referee against the Sacramento Kings during the third quarter at Power Balance Pavilion. The Sacramento Kings defeated the Los Angeles Lakers 113-96. Mandatory Credit: Kelley L Cox-US PRESSWIRE

This week's SB Nation NBA theme post is all about word association. The bloggers of the SB Nation NBA network got together and judged the 30 teams in pithy, one-word (in most cases) assessments. Unsurprisingly, what the participants said about the Sacramento Kings was not pretty.

In fact, 24 of the 28 comments can be considered negative. Three are fairly neutral -- they were Adelman, Webber and Cowbell, more descriptive remembrances than anything. One was positive: "proud."

Among the negative ones, the threat of relocation loomed largely. There was drifters. We had hostages. Also, Maloofs and Maloof'd. A nod to our potential future with Mouse. Don't forget moving and the less sure moving? Someone broke out a thesaurus: we had short term, temporary, untethered and transient.

On a more generally negative note we saw associations like abused, confused, dysfunctional, garbage, laughable and the more diplomatic struggling. One commented on a specific need: shooters. But there was one comment that stood out above all in its clarity and assessment.