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Seattle City Council Officially Votes and Approves Arena Plan

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Although the Seattle arena plan was unofficially approved a week and a half ago, it was not voted on by the city council until today. The vote passed by a margin of 6 to 2, per Chris Daniels of KING TV. Now Seattle is almost to the point where Sacramento was back in March when our city council approved an arena plan. There are still many more steps in the process, the most important being finding an anchor tenant.

Interestingly enough, it might not be basketball that Chris Hansen and Seattle go after, at least not immediately.

A Hockey team would serve the purpose of being an anchor tenant until Hansen is able to find a basketball team that he can relocate. The Oilers have been threatening relocation for a while now, even going so far as to retweet articles about relocation on their official Twitter account.

Make no mistake, Seattle/Hansen will still go after the Kings hard. There's no doubt the Kings are the most likely team in the NBA as of now to move, and it all depends on whether or not the Maloofs would be willing to sell to Hansen or if Hansen could live with the Maloofs remaining majority owners. While there were rumors that Hansen had an offer of upwards of $400 million rejected by the Maloofs, Hansen's group has vehemently denied that. The Maloof Family has of course, declined to comment on any matter related to relocation.

Update (5:00 PM):

This in from Fox40's Jim Crandell:

Is it the Kings? Another team? Or just bluster? Who knows.