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November 7 is FTM Night

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It's time that Sacramento Kings fans thank the Maloofs for all they have given us over the past 10 years.

Ethan Miller - Getty Images

Sactown Royalty is going to hold two "appreciation nights" in November. On Wednesday, November 7, the Detroit Pistons visit Sacramento in the Kings' fifth game of the season. We want to take an early opportunity to show our appreciation to the Kings' faithful owners. So we're calling November 7 "FTM Night" -- Fans Thank Maloofs.

We won't be doing group sales or anything -- we can coordinate ticket purchases in this thread, or we can spread out over the arena. Tickets ought to be cheap once single games go on sale; already, season ticket holders are pawning off the game on StubHub. ($4 is the best price. $31 will get you into the lower level.) If you can afford it and want to help fellow fans thank the Maloofs for all that they have done (especially in the past 18 months), please buy some extras and dole them out here.

We want fans to tastefully thank the Maloofs throughout the night. "Thanks for killing the arena deal!" "Thanks for being loyal to Sacramento!" "Thanks for the excellent product over the past five years!" "Thanks for making customer service No. 1!" "Thanks for being the worst owners in all of sports according to ESPN!" We want to loudly show the Maloofs just how much we love them by chanting F-T-M whenever we can.

Also, we don't want to make the Maloofs work too hard during FTM Night, so please refrain from buying concessions or merchandise. (They actually grill all of the hot dogs and pour all of the beers, right? I mean, says that the Maloofs are a "hard-working, customer service-driven family." I assume that means they are willing to do the dirty work.) If you can arrange transport that doesn't result in $10 parking charge, that'd be awesome too. Folks with vans or large vehicles who feel comfortable picking up fellow StRers in one of the shopping centers and rolling in are encouraged to speak up in this thread. But only do what you're comfortable doing.

We want sign ideas, t-shirt ideas -- anything you can think of to help show appreciation for the Maloofs on November 7. Let's hear it, and mention it in this thread if you're preparing to attend.