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Kings add free wifi at arena, according to report

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The Kings will make at least one arena upgrade this season: free wifi will be available to fans.

Jed Jacobsohn - Getty Images

Rob McAllister at Cowbell Kingdom reports that the Sacramento Kings have partnered with SignalShare to offer free wireless internet at Power Balance Arena (or whatever it's going to be called). As many fans know, getting 3G service inside the decades-old gym has been rough in recent years, depending on your wireless provider. This new partnership (which hasn't been publicly announced by the team) should fix that, making mobile commenting live from games easier. (Hint hint.)

No word on whether the arena will see any other improvements. As has been discussed, the Maloofs have seemed to redirect their focus away from making the ol' barn shine as much as possible: there's a lot of cosmetic disrepair going on at the arena, and not just in the bowels. Pretty much everywhere you turned last season there was some reminder of the building's age. Of course, the Maloofs have made no progress on George Maloof's claim that a renovation of old ARCO could be feasible.