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30Q: Will The Maloofs Be Visible At ARCO?

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The Maloofs did appear at the arena after George's debacle press conference last April. But they stayed in their suite with lots of security stationed around it. The family has always been said to like the perks of fame that come with owning a pro sports team. They like to be seen and respected. They like to hear their names on TV (when it's good news, I suppose). They love to pose (and how I mean that word, pose) for the cameras.

They can't do that from the box suite. They can't do that from Vegas or Los Angeles.

So when, if ever, will Joe and Gavin (the good cops) resume their perch at courtside? Will they address fans at the preseason jubilee? Will they gladhand in the community? Will George show his face? Will any of them grab a mic during a real live game?

My prediction: they won't sit courtside for the first few games, and will only make themselves seen should the team improve dramatically and start getting attention. I do not believe them to be cowards -- I am only of the mind that they understand how poisonous the relationship between Sacramento and their names and faces has become. Sorry, but no good deeds in the community will change that. A commitment to the city and its people -- a firm commitment -- will.