On Here We Stay and What's Next

From the FanPosts, it's the Ed Montes Plan ...

I've been meaning to write something on this topic for a while but just haven't had the time to sit down and type my thoughts. When Carmichael Dave stopped by a while ago and interacted with some of you on a fanshot, the discussion got me thinking in where I was as a fan (in terms of the Maloof and relocation saga), and as an extension in where Here We Stay was. As some of you know I got pretty involved with HWS and hope to continue to help in any way I can moving forward.

Why haven't you heard about any HWS grassroots activity in the past couple of months? Well, I just think there isn't much to do. I'm sure we could make stuff up and come up with ideas but there isn't much of a chance right now to make any kind of impact. As a whole, the sense of urgency of the fanbase has died down and that's to be expected; everyone deserves a break from all this craziness; I know I did and I've been laying low around these parts for that same reason.

After sending out the letter to the Maloofs asking them to commit to Sac in writing (something we felt was a good idea, but also in a way just a formality) there was maybe also a chance to make a statement in regards to ticket sales, STH renewals, sellouts vs. boycotts, etc (a topic at the center of the discussion with Dave). While internally we went back and forth on this topic we ultimately decided that telling people what to do with their money isn't something we are necessarily comfortable doing. Who knows, maybe the situation will get to a point where we decide to do just that, but at this point in time, it really isn't something we want to do. Remember, we're just some dudes who knew each other and decided to do random stuff to keep the Kings in Sac and see what happened (funny to me but you can also find some who feel we're just trying to get famous... go figure!). We're not professional organizers or anything close to that; we also, sometimes, have no idea what's the best thing to do to try to keep this team here. It's humbling to hear that fans look to us to lead, but know that we listen to the mood of the fanbase and seek guidance there on what to do next.

Even if we wanted to pick a side (sell out games vs. boycotting) the whole fan base seemed, and still seems, to be split between both options. Some feel selling out games will continue to prove our loyalty and won't open the door for another excuse for the Maloofs to leave town, while others think boycotts and attempting to hurt the Maloofs' wallet is the best way to go. Others don't even care and are getting to the point where they'd prefer the team left and we could all move on. From what I've read since the railyards deal was killed by ownership, these are the different views the fan base has and while I feel everyone has some valid points there just isn't a consensus out there on what's the best strategy moving forward.

Even myself, I keep going back and forth in what I want to do (for those who want to know: I did not renew my half season plan but I do plan on attending a good number of games). This is exactly why we can't come out with one unified message as a group (or fanbase) in what others should do. If you pick one side, you leave behind a lot of fans and that just creates conflict and bitterness among ourselves. In this particular case, it's important for every fan to make their own decision.

That being said, we do believe we have to be proactive and not wait until March to see what's gonna happen in terms of relocation. Keeping in mind that anything, as a fanbase, we do is always a long shot and truly one small drop in a big bucket, we've been working on some simple ideas that we hope to roll out as we get closer to the season opener. I personally don't know what's in the Maloofs plans but I really don't care at this point, I think the ultimate decision will come down to the league (and maybe even the courts). So with that in mind, I feel that's who we should target: the NBA. I think the fans have proven their loyalty and passion to the current owners and it just doesn't seem like it matters too much to them. IF there's any hope of making any kind of impact, as small as it may be, it seems like a good idea to concentrate on those who matter in the ultimate relocation decision. I hope you all like some of the ideas and are able to help us out... and if not, ohh well.... we tried!

I do look forward to the season though. Can't wait to see T Rob in purple, the development from Cuz, a break-or-make year for Reke, IT coming back ready to undoubtedly get that PG spot, Buckets continue to Buckets, more Jimm3rs, and seeing what the new guys (Brooks, and JJ) can bring. A good record could go a long way in making things a bit more positive.

Also, thanks to G's disappointment post and SacKingsSinceDay1's post for getting me to finally sit my ass down and write something on this topic.

Ohh and on a very personal sidenote: #FTM

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