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Magic not interested in DeMarcus Cousins, according to report

Rumors suggested the Magic were one of the teams trying to land DeMarcus Cousins, should the Kings shop him. An Orlando-based reporter now indicates the Magic are not interesting in No. 15.


Scratch another team off of your mythical DeMarcus Cousins trade partner menu:

Kentucky Sports Radio on Sunday mentioned the Magic as one of the teams in play for Cousins. Geoff Petrie, of course, told that Cousins is not in play, period. Sam Amick reportedly over the weekend that the Maloofs are running the show and are not interested in trading Cousins right now.

The Magic package that made a modicum of sense for Cousins was Nikola Vucevic and Maurice Harkless. Harkless got a DNP-CD after 20 straight starts on Monday. Vucevic tallied 20 points and 29 rebounds against the Heat.'s David Aldridge debunked the rumor that the Pistons were trying to pry Cousins from Sacramento on Monday. Several reporters have mentioned Boston, but behind the scenes a few folks are seriously downplaying the Celtics' interest in another difficult personality to pair with Rajon Rondo.