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Greg Van Dusen's Sleep Train Arena renovation has been discussed with Maloof Sports

What do you know? Greg Van Dusen said he has meetings scheduled with Maloof Sports officials on his plan to renovate Sleep Train Arena without public funds.


In a column advocating what we're all begging for -- that the City of Sacramento be given a chance to retain the Kings -- the Bee's Ailene Voisin reports that Greg Van Dusen is still hustling for an arena renovation in Natomas.

Greg Van Dusen, the original executive vice president of the Kings, revealed that his own group - one that includes the original architect of both Arco Arena I and II - has had preliminary talks with Maloof officials about a complete renovation of the current facility. Further conversations, he said, were tentatively scheduled for later this month or early February.

"We have talked about renovating and purchasing the arena and signing them to a long-term lease," said Van Dusen. "We don't anticipate city money being used. This would be privately financed. But if their intention is to sell, we are confident we can find investors to get it done."

Mayor Kevin Johnson's investors would assuredly prefer to move forward with the downtown arena plan, but options are good. I'm not for one second believing that the Maloofs have any intention of keeping the team in Sacramento under their ownership. Their actions -- or lack thereof -- speak louder than anything else could. But having that option for a local buyer would be excellent. Options are good.

Now, we need to hear from the local buyers. Rather, the NBA and the Maloofs do.