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Priorities: A Note from StR's Editors

In light of recent events, we'll be running the website a bit differently.

In light of recent Maloofery, we here at Sactown Royalty would like to fill you in a bit on our plans for how we plan to run the website while this current situation plays out.

Basketball is obviously why we are all here, but we are shifting our emphasis away from basketball for the moment to focus primarily on covering anything related to the future of the Kings in Sacramento.

We'll still cover games and important news with regards to the team, just not with the same depth that you are all used to. The Prediction contest is currently on hold. There will be one recap a game, slightly longer than the current quick recaps but not nearly as exhaustive as our full recaps. There will still be a game thread for each game.

We'll also still cover any major news with regards to the team, such as trades, firings, etc. but probably won't spend as much time analyzing them as we would do in normal times.

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly is going to be re-branded the Good, the Bad and FTM and focus on the week in review regarding any developments on the Kings future.

We would also like to encourage you to continue using the FanPost and FanShot systems for anything and everything. Given that we'll be doing less analysis ourselves, FanPosts/FanShots will be a great forum for that to take place.

Hopefully, this all is but a temporary measure and we can one day return to focusing on things like DeMarcus Cousins' attitude, Isaiah Thomas' Pizza Guys commercials and why Thomas Robinson should never dribble a basketball. But none of that matters if we don't have a team to root for.

We pride ourselves on the fact that this is the best community of Kings fans out there, which is saying something considering how Kings fans are among the best in the NBA. We plan on remaining so FOREVER.

And unlike the Maloofs, we actually mean it.