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Potential Hang-Up in Kings Sale to Seattle: Maloofs Want a Say in How Team is Run

The Seattle Times reports that one hang-up in a potential Kings to Seattle deal is the fact that the Maloofs want to have a say in how the team is run.

More info keeps on trickling in about this potential Sacramento to Seattle deal. After yesterday's Yahoo! report that the deal was on "first and goal at the 1", numerous reports have seemed to indicate that while a deal is in the works it is not that close. George Maloof himself spoke to local TV affiliate News10 today to say a deal was not close.

Now the Seattle Times reports another potential hang-up in the deal:

The family that owns the Sacramento Kings wants to maintain a say in how the team is run if they sell it to Chris Hansen, creating a possible snag in the sale negotiation, an NBA source told The Seattle Times...

...The source said it goes "beyond dollars and cents" and stressed how important being involved in the NBA has been to the family. "Everyone is underestimating what being owners means to them," the source said.

Yesterday it was reported that the Maloofs would retain a small percentage of ownership in sale, but merely being part of the team in name reportedly isn't enough. They also want to continue to have a say in how things are run. Like all dealings with the Maloofs, they want to have their cake and eat it too. A potential record setting payout is not enough.

Still, if it means the team isn't sold to the Seattle group and the team stays in Sacramento, that's a good thing.