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David Stern Speaks Up on Kings to Seattle Rumors

USAToday's Jeff Zillgitt provided some quotes from David Stern about the Sacramento-Seattle situation today.


We have not heard anything from the NBA regarding the potential sale of the Sacramento Kings to the Hansen-Ballmer group, that is until today when USAToday's Jeff Zillgitt provided the following quotes:

I'd like a bit of context as to what the questions that got these responses were because it seems to insinuate a further progress on a sale to Seattle front than we have heard, although Stern may just be saying that if a sale comes to fruition, a committee would be in charge. This makes sense given Stern's pending retirement.

The fact that Stern says it is a fair point that Sacramento be given a chance to match any offer in order to keep the team in Sacramento is nice. We have a petition out there (that you should sign and share with your family/friends/everyone) to that effect.

Stern has led several NBA efforts to keep basketball in Sacramento and to try to get a new arena, only to be rebuffed by both bureaucratic incompetence (pre-KJ) and Maloofery (always and forever). Hopefully before his time as NBA commissioner is up, he can step up to the plate for the city of Sacramento one more time.