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Maloofs haven't talked about Sacramento Kings sale with Chris Hansen since just after Christmas, according to report

The Bee reports that the Maloofs and the Seattle group haven't spoken in weeks.

When was the last time the Maloofs spoke to Chris Hansen about selling the Sacramento Kings? A new story from The Bee says it hasn't happened since just after Christmas.

[A] source close to the Maloofs told The Bee that the family hasn't heard from Hansen since just after Christmas - and is still waiting to receive an actual offer.

"I fully expect we will see something (from Hansen)," said the source, who was not authorized to speak publicly.

He added that the Maloofs haven't heard from any other potential bidders - even though Mayor Kevin Johnson said Wednesday he's aware of several groups interested in buying the Kings and keeping them in Sacramento.

There are always ways for the Maloofs' sources to make this "technically" right -- underlings for each side could be trying to hammer out details, for all we know. What intrigues me is that no local bidders are reaching out to the Maloofs. George Maloof basically publicly admitted on Thursday that the team is up for sale. That's like an open invitation to make offers, right? It's time for all of those names to step up and follow through.